Here is a short list of items about me.

  • I was born on November 30, 1977 in Victoria, TX and currently I reside in Austin, TX but I have lived most of my life in Western New York, specifically in Niagara Falls and Buffalo.
  • I design and create websites during the day in a freelance capacity and via my full time job at Rare Earth Interactive. Did I say I really like the people I work for? No. Well I do.
  • I have played the drums in Go Glorious, The Ralphs, and played guitar in Better Now. Currently I play amplified snare drum in PARTLY ZOMBISH and also occasionally create sounds on my own which you can listen to here and on Soundcloud.
  • I do make appearances on the social networks Twitter and Facebook (not on this one much these days). If you would like to contact me directly I am available at justingoboom at gmail dot com.
  • I like to take pictures every so often and store them on Flickr.
  • I also write about things and ideas occasionally.
  • And lastly if you are an employer, or if you are simply interested, you can check out my resume.